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What is a Blockchain Protocol

One explanation for the reason individuals deviate from an optimal, utility maximizing, economic decision making model is the bias that emerges from psychological and sociological attributes of the decision. For example, individuals are likely to be influenced by the decisions of others around them, adhere to social norms, or conform to with a group majority despite their better judgment of a certain decision (Asch and Guetzkow, 1951; Cialdini and Goldstein, 2004).

Consequently, it is generally not possible for two parties to exchange value online without involving a trusted third party to handle the settlement process and update their ledgers, as well as account balances. The Bitcoin Whitepaper presented a solution to the “double-spending” problem for digital currencies. In doing so, it presented the underlying technology known as blockchain and an example of blockchain’s possible application in the form of a simple blockchain implementation called “Bitcoin”. Just to cover all our bases, let’s briefly dive into what a blockchain is and what it solves to better understand why Tezos is more than a P2P network and the value-added of blockchain technology, solving the double-spending problem of digital cash systems. If you run a node on the blockchain, its security is completely under your control. Taking the appropriate steps to secure it like installing antivirus software, properly configuring it, and being aware of phishing scams can make a huge difference for your security and that of the blockchain network. The decentralization of a blockchain network makes it more difficult to defend against certain network-level attacks, but every secure node contributes to the health and security of the network.

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  • This decision simplifies the computations but is not mandated by the model.
  • Although, the most natural application of blockchain, given its native currency, is financial transactions, the nature of these transactions and recorded data need not only be financial.
  • The abovementioned implementation of optimized Blockchain with repeated updates has bearing in reality as some processes of collective decision making involve such iterative updates.
  • They perform the tasks of creating the next block and starting its distribution .
  • Individuals in countries where the level of trust in the sovereign institutions is low are more likely to make decisions that are detrimental to their own long-term wellbeing (Jachimowicz et al., 2017).

At a high level, Bitcoin solves the double-spending problem by replacing the trusted central ledger-keepers with a decentralized and distributed network of ledger-keepers. In addition, What is a Blockchain Protocol no one can update the ledger without the consensus of the network to approve the changes. The role distinctions in the blockchain network aren’t even as simple as node and not-node.

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We describe the model in detail in Section Model Description, and design the simulation experiments in Section Numerical Simulation. Next, we present the experimental results and discuss our research findings in Section Results and Discussion. Finally, we conclude the paper and suggest potential topics for future research in Section Conclusion. Healthcare systems in every country and region are struggling with the problem of data siloes, meaning that patients and their healthcare providers have an incomplete view of medical histories. In 2016, Johns Hopkins University published research showing that the third leading cause of death in the US was medical errors resulting from poorly coordinated care, such as planned actions not completed as intended or errors of omission in patient records. In this type of consensus mechanism, so-called witnesses are elected by the stakeholders of the network.

What is a Blockchain Protocol

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